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Data Engineer

If you enjoy making sense out of large amounts of data, using different tools in order to make it understandable to different stakeholders, this is the job for you!

First things firstWho are we

We are a team of professionals with a wide range of competencies, different experience paths, and the same goal: to build top-notch digital products for Porsche, a well-known sports car manufacturer.

We are forming a new team that will work alongside our existing Analytics team. Both teams will be working on real automotive industry problems, which are solved through data-driven approaches.

We work on big data collected from various data sources within our car company – mostly vehicle data. With advanced analytics and AI, we get insights that bring new business value and define Porsche’s product development strategy.

We are looking for Data Engineers who will work on various projects, making data accessible so that other teams can use it to evaluate and optimize their performance.

Who are we looking for?

Qualifications & Experience

  • 3+ years of experience as a data engineer (or similar) in a business context 

  • university degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics (or related field) or demonstrable expertise in data engineering or software engineering

  • in-depth understanding of data architecture and a good understanding of IT

  • experience with data modeling, implementing ETL, and data ingestion

  • knowledge of Python, and Bash scripts 

  • experience with big data technologies (e.g., Hive/Impala, Cassandra, Spark (Streaming), Kafka)

  • experience in data-driven development

  • familiarity with agile product organizations and Dev/Ops methods

  • excellent command of written and spoken English

Your responsibilities

  • closely cooperating with a team of data scientists and other data engineers

  • maintaining and improving data quality and usability

  • documenting your work 

  • implementing machine learning algorithms and optimizing pipelines

  • approaching high-level challenges with a clear eye on what is important

  • detailing your techniques and discoveries to technical and non-technical audiences in a language they can understand

  • evaluating and adapting new and improved approaches

  • efficiently managing your time and resources to meet project deadlines

  • collaborating with other project members with different backgrounds on a daily basis


  • HRK 25000 - 37000 gross

Tools and technologies we use


We use Spark as a unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing.


For publishing, storing, and subscribing to streams of records, as well as processing streams of records as they occur, we use Kafka.


We use Python to write scripts that help us extract, transform and load the data.


A deck of open tools and standards we use for education, research, and data analytics.


Native analytic database for Apache Hadoop, providing low latency and high concurrency for BI/analytic queries.

GitHub or GitLab

We keep our work in GitHub or GitLab and use pull request flow as our daily routine.

Slack Logo


We use Slack for work and fun. It’s our go-to tool for maintaining sanity both in the office and remotely.


O365 helps us get our work done and communicate on a daily basis, from networking to data sharing.

We have everything you need, and then some
When we say we offer you a lot, we mean it. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect while working with us.

Stimulating work environment


We believe in having a wide range of expertise under one roof because that’s how you build the best products. For that reason, we work in small cross-functional teams where each team member has a stake in the outcome.

Global impact

With us, you’ll get to do something that is truly rare - make a global impact. With a single decision, your work will affect millions of Porsche customers, from every corner of the globe.

Taycan in garage

This one is pretty self-explanatory. We use Porsche Taycan 4s as one of the testing tools. With actual car testing, we never stop tweaking our development process and applying the knowledge we gain from it to the next feature we build, as well as existing ones.

Clear focus

We don’t go from one client to the next. Instead, we put all of our efforts into products for Porsche. This means no frantic fixes or pulling an all-nighter to fulfill the wishes of clients.

Global network of experts

The world’s a big place, so we build products hand in hand with industry-leading experts across the globe. This makes it easy to share know-how and always stay ahead of the game. 


All of our new employees get shiny new MacBook on their first day, with additional equipment based on their needs. But if you have other preferences, no worries! We’ll offer you an alternative and make sure you have what you need to get the job done.

Learning & Development

Regular feedback

Flattery may get you everywhere, but being honest with each other keeps us both growing. We keep each other in check with regular 1-on-1 sessions, as well as 360 reviews twice a year.

Educational budget

We believe in lifelong learning; in fact, we’ll pay for it. Take yourself out of the office for a day and go to a conference, or buy books that will help you expand your horizons - the educational budget is yours to spend.

Paid language courses

We offer paid language courses to help our employees master English or German language. While you won't need German in your day-to-day job, it comes in handy at informal get-togethers with our German colleagues.

Career switch

Second-guessing your career choice is perfectly normal. You may want to explore something new after a few years in the same position. If you do, we'll support you.

Fun & Cool stuff

Flexible hours & location

We don't care where you work from. As long as you have four walls and a roof to keep you dry, we're good. Tailoring your working hours comes in this package as well.

Fun & Games budget

We work hard so we play hard. Every team member has a monthly budget to do fun activities. From escape rooms to karting - whatever you need to de-stress and bond with your team.

Family incentives

It can be challenging to juggle your work and family life. Our family package can help you with that. It includes paid paternity leave, baby bonuses, an additional day off for the first day of school or kindergarten, and much more.

Health & recreation

Join a gym of your choice at our expense. Even a fit body needs regular health check-ups, so we'll cover that as well. 

Before we get startedLet's find out if we're a match
We want to make sure we’re the right people for you, and that you’re the right person for us. Before signing on the dotted line, here are some steps you’ll go through.

First Interview

You’ve seen a position that you like and have applied for the job. Great, the ball is in our court now. If you check all the boxes, we’ll invite you for an interview to get to know each other better. We’ll talk about your experience, expectations, what moves you and how do we fit into your plans. If there’s chemistry, we'll move on to the next step.


Home Task

Depending on the position you are applying for, we’ll put your skills to the test, so bring your A-game and don’t hold back. This isn’t about justifying your skills to us. We know you can do it, we just want to see how well you can do it.


Final Interview

Your job search is a two-way street with two sides to please. For this to be a match made in heaven, we need to put all the cards on the table and be honest about what we want. Let's talk it through and get you one step closer to landing your dream job.


Meet the team

Because we’re all about being a great team fit, we’ll invite you for a cup of coffee or a short online chat with your potential team. It will help you get a sense of the people you might be working with, but it will also show us how the team feels about you. That way both sides can make sure that they have what it takes to work together.


Make your decision

The hard part is over and all that’s left is finalizing the terms. We’re not going to beat around the bushes and make you wait. Instead, if we feel that your skills and personality are a match for our team, we’ll make you an offer, and it's up to you to make a final decision.


Apply here

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